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Epic Expands Services with Thielert Engines

October 20, 2007

New Smyrna Beach, FL – Epic Flight Academy has been an authorized engine distributor and installer for Thielert products and is expanding its services. “Thielert is a popular engine for so many reasons,” said Danny Perna, CEO. “Thielert continues to improve on features, and we are busier than ever with installations.”

The Centurion 2.0 is a state-of-the-art Jet-A piston aircraft engine with important new developments, such as electronic engine management FADEC, gearbox with torsional damper, and adaption of fuel system for Jet-A. These features provide advantages for safety, comfort, cost effectiveness, and performance in comparison to conventional avgas engines.

The electronic engine and prop management has single-lever control. Electronic data logging records all of the engine data during flight. The data recording and storage is comparable with the black box used in jets. The electronic engine management thus permits data to be saved that is required for the maintenance, fault analysis, and the ongoing improvement of the engine.

“These engines are really sophisticated,” said Perna. He noted the new technology in the overall design, components, materials, and production process. “There are so many other new features,” he said. “We are really pleased to be expanding these opportunities.”

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