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January 8, 2001

Epic Embraces Computer-Based Instruction

Epic Computer-Based Instruction
Epic is proud to utilize Cessna’s latest training materials that features inner-active technology.

New Smyrna Beach, FL – Epic is proud to announce that as a Cessna Pilot Center we are now able to offer convenient flight training that replaces textbooks with computer-based instruction (CBI): Cessna’s new Cleared For Approach program. Epic’s innovative CBI approach to flight training features the latest technologies, including fully interactive graphics, full-motion simulation, full-screen video, and animated graphics.

Epic’s CBI program even tracks flight students’ performance. This helps students and instructors concentrate on areas that present the greatest challenge. The new system allows flight students to move at their own pace. The system also allows students to preview their next training flight prior to taking off.

“We emphasize technology in our fleet,” said Danny Perna, CEO. “We are proud to now be utilizing technology in the classroom.” Perna said that embracing technology enhances safety and saves students money. “We will continue to monitor changes in technology to enhance flight training and are committed to upgrading equipment and training materials so our pilots are familiar with the latest equipment.”

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