Beechcraft King Air B200

Beechcraft King Air B200

Epic’s Beechcraft King Air B200 is an impressive aircraft, from its nose to its distinctive T-tail. In 2021, Epic completely upgraded every aspect of this aircraft. As part of the Epic fleet, the “King” stands out in the crowd. How fast does it fly? How far does it go before needing refueled? And how much weight can it carry? Here is a breakdown of this incredible aircraft, part of Beechcraft’s original Super series.


King Air B200 Interior

Beechcraft King Air B200 Interior

Epic’s King Air Interior was refurbished in 2021 with the highest grade leather upholstery, new carpet, and tray tables. There are 5 comfortable seats that adjust and a roomy bench seat for two. There is also a private lavatory in the back.


King Air B200 Avionics

Beechcraft King Air B200 Avionics Instrument Panel

In 2021, Epic purchased all new avionics for our King Air. This glass cockpit offers the newest and safest tools for aviation, navigation, and communication. Avionics include:

-Garmin 600 TXI flight displays
-Dual Garmin 750s
-S-Tech 3100 Digital Flight Control System
-Dual SAM MD302 standby flight instruments


King Air B200 Specifications

Beechcraft King Air B200 Specifications

Length: 43′ 10″
Wingspan: 54′ 6″
Cabin width: 54″

Max. Ramp Weight: 12,590
Max. Takeoff / Landing Weight: 12,500
Max. Zero Fuel Weight: 11,000

ROC: 1500 FPM
Landing Distance: 3000′
3654 lbs. of fuel max.
544 gal total

PT6-A-42 Engines
850 SHP
98.5 ” Diameter Hartzell Prop

Video on Epic’s King Air 200

About King Air Training

Super King Air B200 Manual
Pilot Training Manual for the Super King Air 200/B200

The Beechcraft King Air offers a great way to build time toward jet transition. Pilots can earn their high altitude endorsement at a reasonable cost. Initial training can help build type rating. Recurrent training keeps pilots current and should include maintenance and preflight inspection, crew resource management, and emergency procedures.

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