Airline Pilot Program Partner Silver Airways

Hiring Requirements for Silver Airways

Silver Airways has relaunched its Emerging Aviator program that will help provide financial assistance for students to obtain additional hours, certificates, and ratings. They will be hiring 200+ pilots in 2022.

Airline Type: U.S. Regional

Pilots: 169

Aircraft Type: Saab 340B Plus; ATR-42 600

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida


  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Orlando
  • Tampa

Origin: Versa Capital Management, LLC acquired assets from the Gulfstream International Airlines bankruptcy in 2010 and launched the rebranded airline, Silver Airways, in 2011. Silver Airways operates with service to 18 locations across Southeast U.S. and The Bahamas, as well as several routes in the Northeast U.S. seasonally.

Homepage: Silver Airways

Job Openings: Careers at Silver

Initial Approach Program

Pilots in the Initial Approach program are eligible for up to $10,000 of funding from Silver Airways towards training courses, including FAA Commercial Multi-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor, FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument, and Certified Multi-Engine Flight Instructor.

Initial Approach Qualifications: FAA Instrument rating and Commercial license; Minimum of 250 hours total time

In Range Program

Pilots in the In Range program are eligible for up to $5,000 of funding from Silver Airways towards reaching airline minimum hiring requirements. In addition, they can qualify for funded ATP-CTP training, including housing and transportation.

In Range Qualification: Between of 1000 and 1450 hours total time

Cleared Direct Program

Pilots in the Cleared Direct program are eligible for Silver Airways funding for their ATP-CTP training, including housing and transportation.

Cleared Direct Qualification: Over 1450 hours total time or restricted ATP qualified

First Officer Hiring Requirements

  • FAA commercial pilot’s license with multi-engine and instrument ratings
  • 50 hours of multi-engine fixed-wing flight time (may be reduced to 25)
  • 200 hours cross-country flight time
  • 250 hours fixed-wing PIC
  • 100 hours of cross-country as PIC
  • 100 hours of night flying
  • 75 hours of instrument time (actual or simulated – 50 hours must be in airplanes)
  • 25 hours of night PIC
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and finish ATP written prior to start of New Hire Training
  • Total flight time minimums:
    • 1,500 hours
    • 1,250 hours – with qualifying 2- or 4-year aviation university program with 30 aviation hours
    • 1,000 hours – with qualifying 2- or 4-year aviation university program with 60 aviation hours
    • 750 hours – military flight training graduates

Additionally, candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • Current FAA first class medical certificate
  • Current passport
  • IFR Currency
  • FCC Radio Operator’s Permit
  • Ability to legally work in the United States
  • Ability to pass DOT Drug and Alcohol Screen and Criminal Background Check
  • No FAA violations, suspensions, or current investigations

ATR First Officer Openings

Pay Breakdown

First Officer Year One: $34 per flight hour

First Officer Signing Bonus: $12,000

Pilot Referral Bonuses: $2,500 (per successful referral)

Frontier Career Pilot Program

Silver Airways pilots in the Frontier Career Pilot Program secure a Frontier Airlines First Officer position.

Frontier Career Pilot Program Qualification: Minimum of 1,000 pilot-in-command hours at Silver Airways

Our flight school provides the training you need to get started for a career with Silver Airways. We wish you well in your commercial airline pilot career and hope you land your dream job!

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