Sideral Air Cargo Pilot Careers & Salary: A Comprehensive Guide

Sideral Air Cargo Pilot Hiring Requirements
  • Introduction to Sideral Air Cargo Career Opportunities: If you’re considering a career with Sideral Air Cargo, it’s important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s hiring requirements, salary ranges, and additional benefits. This knowledge is key to realizing your full potential in the airline industry.
  • Understanding Sideral Air Cargo’s Hiring Requirements: Prior to applying to Sideral Air Cargo, familiarize yourself with their specific hiring criteria. Knowing what the company looks for in potential employees, including skills, experience, and qualifications, will help you better prepare for the application process.
  • Comparing Salaries – Entry Level and Average: Salary is an important factor in any career choice. For aspiring pilots at Sideral Air Cargo, it’s beneficial to compare entry-level salaries with the industry average. This comparison will provide a better understanding of the financial rewards and growth potential within the company.
  • Beyond the Paycheck – Additional Benefits: While salary is often the main consideration, Sideral Air Cargo offers a range of benefits beyond just the paycheck. Researching these extra incentives, which can include health benefits, travel opportunities, and professional development, is essential to understanding the full scope of what the company offers.
  • Conclusion – Comprehensive Research for a Successful Career: To truly capitalize on the opportunities at Sideral Air Cargo, it’s critical to conduct thorough research on all aspects of the job. This includes understanding hiring requirements, expected salaries, and the additional benefits that contribute to a rewarding and prosperous career in the airline industry.

Sideral Air Cargo Overview

Type of airline: International Cargo

Headquarters: São José dos Pinhais, Paraná, Brazil

Hub: Afonso Pena International Airport

Origin: The company was founded in 2010 and began operations in 2011.

Hiring requirements pilot career

What are the hiring requirements for Sideral Air Cargo careers?

General Requirements:

  • Brazilian PCA
  • 200 hrs minimum
  • ICAO Level 4
  • 21 years old
  • Ability to speak Portuguese and English
  • Type rated for: Boeing 727-200F, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-300QC, Boeing 737-300F, Boeing 737-400F and/or Boeing 737-500

Homepage: Sideral Air Cargo

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