Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos Pilot Careers & Salary: A Comprehensive Guide

Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos Pilot Hiring Requirements
  • Understanding the Piquiatuba Transportes Aereas Pilot Hiring Requirements: Prior to thinking about a career with Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos, it is critical to understand the specific hiring specifications. This knowledge is important for any applicant, as it sets the foundation for a strong application. Learn about the qualifications, experience, and other criteria that Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos looks for in their potential employees so you can make sure you meet or surpass these standards.
  • Assessing Pilot Wages at Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos: One of the primary concerns for applicants is the salary. Based on experience, documented flying hours, and rank (captain or first officer), a pilot’s wages can vary significantly. Comparing the entry-level pilot salary with the industry average provides valuable financial insight into the benefits of a career with Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos. Understanding these salary scales is essential for prospective pilots.
  • Beyond the Paycheck – Additional Benefits of Working at Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos: While salary is a key factor, Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos provides more than just financial rewards. It is important for candidates to research the additional benefits that come with a career at Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos. These may include travel perks, health benefits, retirement programs, and more. Knowing the full range of advantages will enable you to fully appreciate the opportunities that a job with Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos can offer.
  • Researching and Preparing for a Career at Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos: To increase your chances of success in securing a position at Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos, thorough research and preparation are necessary. This entails not just understanding the salary and employee benefits but also aligning your skills and experience with the airline’s requirements. A comprehensive approach to preparing for a Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos career will position you well in the competitive airline industry.

Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos Hiring Requirements Overview

Type of airline: International Domestic

Headquarters: Santarém, Pará, Brazil


  • Piquiatuba Airfield 
  • Service to 9 destinations

Origin: The company was founded in 2005.

Hiring requirements pilot career

What are the hiring requirements for Piquiatuba Transportes Aereos careers?

General Requirements:

  • Brazilian PCA
  • 200 hrs
  • ICAO level 4
  • 21 years old
  • Able to speak Portuguese and English
  • Type rated for: Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, Embraer EMB120 Brasília, andEmbraer EMB810 Sêneca

Homepage: Piquiatuba

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