LATAM Perú Pilot Careers & Salary: A Comprehensive Guide

LATAM Peru Pilot Hiring Requirements
  • Introduction to LATAM Perú Career Opportunities: Embarking on a career with LATAM Perú is an exciting prospect for many aspiring pilots. Before applying for job openings, it’s crucial to understand the airline’s specific hiring requirements and compensation structures. This information will not only prepare you for the application process but also help you to maximize your potential in an airline career.
  • Understanding Salary Structures for Pilots at LATAM Perú: Salary is often a primary consideration for job applicants, and it varies significantly based on several factors. Skills, experience, and the number of hours logged play a critical role in determining the wages for both captain and first officer positions. To make a cognizant decision about your career, compare the entry-level pilot salary against the industry average. This comparison will give you a clearer picture of the financial rewards and growth opportunities offered by LATAM Perú.
  • Beyond the Paycheck: Comprehensive Benefits of Working at LATAM Perú: While the salary is a significant aspect of any job, LATAM Perú offers more than just monetary compensation. Prospective pilots should thoroughly research all aspects of employment with the airline. This includes understanding the complete range of benefits that accompany a pilot position. These benefits can include health insurance, retirement plans, travel perks, and more, contributing to the overall attractiveness of a career with LATAM Perú.
  • Essential Hiring Requirements and Career Advancement at LATAM Perú: Prior to applying, it’s important to familiarize yourself with LATAM Perú’s specific hiring criteria. Knowing what qualifications, certifications, and experience levels are required will help you determine your eligibility and prepare accordingly. Additionally, consider the career advancement opportunities within the airline. Understanding the pathway for growth from entry-level positions to more senior roles can be a key component of your career planning.
  • Conclusion – Weighing Opportunities and Preparing for a LATAM Perú Career: In summary, pursuing a career with LATAM Perú entails more than just understanding the salary potential. It requires a thorough assessment of all aspects of the job, including benefits, hiring requirements, and career advancement opportunities. By extensively researching and preparing for these elements, you can position yourself for a successful and satisfying career with LATAM Perú.

LATAM Perú Overview

Type of airline: International Passenger

Headquarters: Lima, Perú


  • Alejandro Velasco Astete
  • International
  • Jorge Chávez
  • Rodríguez Ballón
  • Service to 32 destinations

Origin: The company was founded in 1998. It is a subsidiary of LATAM Airlines Group.

Values: Our Company values safety above all else, while caring for our passengers, pursuing operational excellence and constant improvement in our operations and working as a single, coherent team.

Hiring requirements pilot career

What are the hiring requirements for LATAM Perú careers?

General Requirements:

First Officer:

  • Minimum 200 Flight Hours (plane)
  • Enabling Flight by Instruments (IFR) in force
  • ICAO Current Certificate Level 4 or higher
  • Passport and VISA for USA Current
  • MAE Certificate Effective Apt
  • 1,000 Hours of Flight or Superior
  • Experience in Dual Flight and aircraft with jet engines
  • Multi-engine enablement
  • Ideal experience in aeronautical companies such as FO or PIC.

Homepage: LATAM

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