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Korean Air Pilot Hiring Requirements

If you plan to apply for job openings at Korean Air, you should first familiarize yourself with Korean Air’s hiring requirements and pay so you can maximize your airline career. Skills, experience, and hours logged impact wages for both captain and first officer positions, therefore it is wise to always compare entry level pilot salary to the average to get a better idea of the rewards and opportunities provided through Korean Air careers. How much do pilots earn is usually the first question applicants ask, but these jobs offer benefits beyond the pay, which is why you need to research everything from hiring requirements to income to other perks of the job

Type of airline: International Passenger

Headquarters: Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hub(s): Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport and focus cities: Gimhae International Airport and Jeju International Airport with 127 destinations

Origin: The company was founded in 1962.

Values: Excellence in Flight – Operational Excellence, Innovative Excellence, and Service Excellence

What are the hiring requirements for Korean Air careers?

Hiring requirements pilot career

General Requirements:

  • Valid CPL, IFR, MEL License
  • Class 1 Medical
  • Wireless Communication License
  • EPTA Minimum Class 4
  • 1,000 + PIC hours on *B777
  • 2,500 + total PIC multi crew Jet hours
  • 5,000 + total multi crew Jet hours
  • 7,000 + total flight hours
  • Flown on *B777 as PIC within the last 12 months OR 24 months if currently flying on any other Multi Crew Jet Aircraft
  • Over 40 years old and under 60 years old at time of joining
  • 4 years experience as a First Officer commercial airline experience
  • *Other type ratings: Airbus A321neo, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A380-800, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737 MAX 8, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 747-8I, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 787-9, and Bombardier CS300
  • Those who have been or are exempted from military service and do not have any reason to disqualify their travel abroad
  • Hiring Process: documents screening, medical check/knowledge review, English oral test, aviation oral knowledge test, SIM, executives interview, final passing
  1. Recruitment Process: Documents Screening → Medical check/Knowledge Review/English Oral Test → Aviation knowledge Oral Test → SIM → Executives Interview → Final Passing *Knowledge Test Subjects (Total 7 Subjects, 50 Questions) : Aviation Law, Aviation Weather, ATC/IFR Flight, Performance & W/B, Navigation, Jeppesen Chart, Aero Dynamics *Preparation : Flight Computer, Engineering Calculator
  2. Qualifications for Application: Total Fixed Wing Flight Time over 1,000h (PIC) – Minimum EPTA Class 4 (at least one year remaining on the expiration date) – Korean CPL, IFR, MEL Certificates Holder. Those who have been or are exempted from military service and do not have any reason to disqualify their travel abroad. A person who does not have any reason for disqualification of the person prescribed in Article 92 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Aviation Safety Act
  3. Final Documents for Submission: One of each original copy of the final school diploma and transcript – EPTA, TOEIC Transcript – Aviation School Certificate Copy. – One of Each Copy of CPL, MEL, IFR Certificate – Original Flight Experience Certificate – Career Certificates [Only for Holder] – Other Certificates Copy [Only for Holder]
  4. Other information: Training fee after joining the company is your own responsibility and is subject to loan and repayment according to our regulations – If you enter a false statement on your application, your employment may be canceled. – The detailed schedule for each trial will be individually guided to those who passed the document. – Those subject to the Patriots and Veterans Affairs will be given preferential treatment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. – Submissions can be submitted on the date of knowledge review. – We can request additional verification from the issuing authority for the submission. Note: Foreigners are requested to prepare their own criminal record issued by national agencies such as the FBI within the last two months.

So, exactly how much can I earn as a Korean Air pilot?

How much are pilot salaries?

Here is a sampling of Korean Air pilot annual wages. Pilot pay changes based on various factors, such as type of plane, years of experience, etc. Starting salaries average $49,400 and top earners $172,400.

Homepage: Korean Air

Contact Information
Phone: 1-800-438-5000
Korean Air Careers: Overview

We have tried to provide the most accurate information regarding hiring requirements for commercial airlines. However, we also encourage you to contact the airline you’re interested in working for directly to verify employment requirements. Learn how much you can earn as a pilot, and learn exactly how to become a pilot. We wish you great success as an airline pilot and hope you land your dream job! Before you fill out that job application, you will need flight training. If you are interested in pursuing a flying career with Korean Air and are interested in receiving your training at our flight school in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, please contact us today!