Hiring Requirements for Ameriflight

Type of airline: U.S. Cargo

Headquarters: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Hubs: Albuquerque International Airport; Buffalo Niagara International Airport; Burbank Bob Hope Airport; Carolina, Puerto Rico-Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport; Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport; Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport; Lansing-Capital Region International Airport; Louisville International Airport; Manchester-Boston Regional Airport; Omaha-Eppley Airfield; Ontario (California) International Airport; Opa-Locka (Florida) Executive Airport; Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport; Portland (Oregon) International Airport; Aguadilla, Puerto Rico-Rafael Hernandez Airport; Salt Lake City International Airport; Logan-Cache (Utah) Airport (on contract with UPS); San Antonio International Airport; Santa Barbara Municipal Airport; Seattle-Boeing Field; and Spirit of St. Louis Airport

Origin: The company was founded in 1968.


  • Safety policy
  • Risk management
  • Safety assurance
  • Safety promotion

Hiring Requirements:

  • Captain minimums: 1,200 TT, 50 ME, Commercial AMEL Instrument Airplane and must meet 135 minimums.
  • First Officer minimums: 800TT, 50 ME, Commercial ME Land with Instrument rating and high performance and complex endorsements and must meet 135 minimums.

Homepage: Ameriflight

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