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Aeroflot Russian Airlines Pilot Hiring Requirements

If you plan to apply for job openings at Aeroflot Russian Airlines, you should first familiarize yourself with Aeroflot’s hiring requirements and pay so you can maximize your airline career. Skills, experience, and hours logged impact wages for both captain and first officer positions, therefore it is wise to always compare entry level pilot salary to the average to get a better idea of the rewards and opportunities provided through Aeroflot Russian Airlines careers. How much do pilots earn is usually the first question applicants ask, but these jobs offer benefits beyond the pay, which is why you need to research everything from hiring requirements to income to other perks of the job.

Type of airline: International Passenger

Headquarters: Moscow, Russia


  • Sheremetyevo
  • Service to 300+ destinations in 60 countries

Origin: The company was founded in 1923.


  • Customer trust
  • Results for shareholders
  • Teamwork
  • Social responsibility

What are the hiring requirements for Aeroflot Russian Airlines careers?

Hiring requirements pilot career

General Requirements:

The main requirement:

  • An airline pilot with В737NG/А320/А330/В777/SSJ100 aircraft captain qualification and 3,000 flight hours minimum as a pilot, including at least 500 hours as a В737NG/А320/А330/В777/SSJ100 civil aircraft captain.

Candidates should provide:

  • A valid airline pilot license in compliance with international aviation standards and with rating В737NG/А320/А330/В777/SSJ100 aircraft captain
  • A document confirming 3,000 flight hours minimum as a pilot, including at least 500 hours as a В737NG/А320/А330/В777/SSJ100G civil aircraft captain
  • A document confirming completion of necessary training programs for В737NG/А320/А330/В777/SSJ100 aircraft types in aviation training centers certified (approved) in accordance with laws of the state where the aviation training center is located
  • Documents confirming no record of convictions for criminal offenses and (or) procedural decisions on recognizing the person as a suspect in a crime, or indictments in relation to the person in the foreign state of which the candidate is a national, issued by authorized bodies of the state, translated to Russian and notarized in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • A document confirming absence of aviation accidents and incidents provided for by annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation due to a personal fault during the period of professional activity of the foreign national
  • A valid first class medical assessment

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