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Lucas Wolfrey

United States

Newest Certification:

Certified Multi-Engine Instructor - February 2017

Qualified Aircraft:

C-172, PA-44

Professional Pilot Career:

Commercial Pilot, Ameriflight

I chose to go to Ameriflight instead of the regionals because I wanted to see if I could handle the most challenging flying in the US. If those epic kiddies are looking for a challenge come to Ameriflight. You’ll learn essential flying skills here that will serve the rest of your career. Most pilots nowadays miss out on fundamental skills that you only learned from flying IFR using raw data with no autopilot ALONE. If you can handle flying here you can fly anywhere. Ameriflight pilots have a good reputation in the aviation industry. This job is not for the faint of heart. You will definitely have some difficult moments here, but it is the most rewarding flying I have ever done.

Certifications & Ratings:

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