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Christopher James Desjarlais

United States

Newest Certification:

Epic-Trained Airline Pilot - November 2022

Qualified Aircraft:

C-172, CE-560XL, CE-650

Professional Pilot Career:

First Officer, Pace Aviation Corp.

Kind words from Chris:

“Training at Epic for my CFI and CFI-I, and learning from some of the top aviators and instructors out there, allowed me to increase my knowledge and skills to become the best flight instructor and pilot I could be. It allowed me to look at flying in a new light, giving me new techniques, skills, and experience that I utilized when I instructed and still today as a FO. Epic challenged me in many ways, allowing me to grow and become a better pilot overall. Epic created an environment that wherever you did your previous training or whatever stage of training you are currently at, you are a part of the Epic Family. There was always someone to help and guide the students, and always an opportunity to enhance our skills as instructors. I incorporate what I learned at Epic every time I fly, whether it’s in a jet, or a C-172. I can’t thank Epic, and my previous instructors, enough for everything I learned while going through my CFI and CFI-I training.”

Certifications & Ratings:

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