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Cassandra Schultz

United States

Newest Certification:

Epic-Trained Airline Pilot - August 2015

Qualified Aircraft:

ERJ 170/175

Professional Pilot Career:

Airline Pilot, Compass Airlines

After instructing at Epic, I took a job flying PC-12s in the Northeast and Caribbean and upgraded to captain after 7 months. Although I did love island hopping into St. Barth, and every joy that comes with turbo prop flying, I chose to advance my career at Compass Airlines. My time at Compass has been a great learning experience. I am lucky to fly the Embraer 175 and discover the wonderful convenient world of automation, including auto throttles, VNAV, FADEC, and the dark cockpit concept. It sure is a sweet airplane! I have since upgraded to the ERJ-175. I am now building time as captain in the regional air carrier world hoping to move onto a legacy airline soon.

At Compass Airlines, I was selected to be a Project Pilot. I believe what put me in contention for the position was the time I spent as an intern at Continental Airlines. At Compass, I completed various projects including guidance for RNAV and RNP approaches, LAX familiarization packets, and beta testing new apps. I enjoy utilizing my technical writing skills to research and produce publications for the pilot group.

What I want to highlight is my volunteer work. I occasionally fly for a charity called Wings of Rescue.  It is a non-profit charity that flies shelter dogs and cats from Van Nuys Airport to non-kill shelters all over the country. Some of my rescue missions have been taking more than 120 dogs and cats that were otherwise scheduled to be euthanized to the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, there are so many shelters animals in Los Angeles, and not enough space!

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