What is the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) Process?

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Candidates must create an AFSP account and log in to the AFSP Candidate website to submit their background information and required documentation. The Candidate then submits Category 1-3 flight training request(s), and/or selects Flight Training Providers to submit Category 4 training requests on their behalf. Once a training request has been submitted and successfully paid, the Candidate will then receive an email with detailed instructions on how to complete the application process. Each step must be completed before a Candidate advances to the next step. Once these items are completed, the AFSP performs a security threat assessment to determine whether the Candidate poses a threat to aviation or national security.

Flight Training Providers log onto the AFSP website to enter flight training requests for Candidates who qualify for Category 4 processing. In addition, Providers may log onto the AFSP website to validate category 1-3 flight training requests, upload a photograph of a Candidate taken on the first day of flight training, and indicate whether a Candidate’s training has been completed or not completed. Students must create their own AFSP accounts.  Each Candidate may only create one account and may not share the account with other Candidates. Providers and employers may not submit a training request for Candidates in categories 1-3. Failure to follow these account procedures will result in delay of the training request.


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