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Every pilot must obtain a medical certificate in order to exercise the privileges of their pilot’s license. There are three classes: 1st (most stringent, and good for six months), 2nd (good for one year and required for use with a commercial rating), and 3rd (good for three years if you are under 40, two years if 40 or older).

Maintaining a current medical certificate is an absolute requirement to fly, which is why we encourage a healthy lifestyle if you plan to be a pilot. This means no smoking, little to no alcohol consumption, no drug use, healthy diet, regular exercise, and plenty of rest. You should protect your good health at all costs so you will never be subjected to losing your medical certificate.

Epic Flight Academy Medical Certificate
You work hard to earn your pilot’s wings, and you want to keep them by keeping your medical certificate valid. This means maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure a long and happy career as an airline pilot.

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