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Congratulations, and welcome to Epic Flight Academy! If you have been accepted and are coming to campus, here are the things you should bring with you. First of all, everyone will need to bring a laptop computer OR an iPad (or tablet of a similar size). Epic provides a variety of resources and information, including test prep and online classwork, which require a laptop or iPad. Cell phones and smaller tablets will not support these resources.

You should also bring all pertinent documentation, which includes:

Domestic Students: 1) Passport or Driver’s License and Birth certificate; 2) Current Medical certificate; 3) Copy of FAA license, if applicable.

International Students: 1) Passport; 2) I-20 and Visa; 3) Medical certificate, if you have one.

If you are an international student and you don’t already have a cell phone, you should consider purchasing a prepaid cellular phone once you arrive in the United States. These range from $20 to $100 for the phone, with a monthly fee of $30 – $50. When you bring electrical items, please keep in mind the U.S. configuration is 110 volt. Remember to bring an outlet converter.

We require that students wear a flight uniform, which consists of a white-collared pilot shirt, black dress pants, black belt, black tie, and black shoes. Epic has pilot shirts available for purchase in our store located in Dispatch. Watch our video to see a complete list of everything you’ll need for your first day of class!

What to bring to flight school
Epic Flight Academy student pilots should bring a laptop, required documentation, and professional pilot attire to flight school.


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