What content is taught in the Operations Management Program?

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Epic Flight Academy collaborates with Daytona State College to allow our flight students to earn an Associate’s degree in Operations Management Technology. Students will need to take courses in the following areas: (Remember, one class is typically equal to 3 credits.)

  • General Education (3 classes/15 credits)
  • Communications (2 classes/6 credits)
  • Mathematics (1 class/3 credits)
  • Social Sciences (1 class/3 credits)
  • Humanities (1 class/3 credits)
  • Accounting or Financing Elective (1 class/3 credits)
  • Business Elective (1 class/3 credits)
  • Office Elective (1 short class/1 credit)

This totals 37 credit hours. Add to this your 23 (or 27) credit hours from transferring your Flight Training at Epic (aka: “Program Specific Courses”) and you will have 60 credit hours, which is equivalent to your Associate’s Degree.

Most of these classes are available online, and many are available in the condensed 8-week format for your convenience.

Detailed information about the Industrial Management Technology A.S. degree program is described online.

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