What are the checkride scheduling procedures?

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After EOC for Part 141 or when students have met the requirements for Part 61, the Instructor should verify the records in ETA and make sure all course completion check boxes are blue which means the student is ready to schedule and take the checkride.  Both the student and Instructor will go to the records office to schedule the checkride with the preferred examiner.

The student should bring the written exam, FTN and if they are Part 141 and did not attend Ground School at Epic, a copy of the Pt 141 Ground School graduation certificate for the records office.  The student and Instructor will then chose the examiner and schedule the date of the checkride.  The records office will schedule two prep oral briefs, the IACRA Association, TSA meeting for the next course, if applicable, and an exit interview with the course team manager and the checkride.

Once the checkride is posted to the schedule, the records office will send a message through ETA to the student and Instructor with the examiners name,  and date/time the checkride will begin.  The message will also include the XC instruction for the Private, Instrument and Commercial Course.

The student must be mindful of their debit account balance during this process and ensure they do not become grounded at any time as this will prevent them from being scheduled for the checkride.

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