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Your FAA credentials can be converted to EASA. Some basic facts to be aware of:

Flight  Requirements
In order for you to be eligible for the EASA Conversion Career Program you need to have a valid ICAO CPL and the following:

  • 150 hours total time
  • 80 hours of dual instruction
  • 70 hours PIC if you did your training as a part of an integrated program or 100 hours PIC if you did your training as a part of a modular program
  • 50 hours of cross-country flight as PIC
  • Night Rating
  • Valid ICAO ME/IR ratings
  • 55 hours IFR ME or 40 hours FNPT II and 15 hours IFR ME

CPL Conversion
Converting your CPL will vary slightly depending on the country, but it should average approximately 15 flight hours of standard maneuvers. Your skills test must be taken with a CAA examiner in a complex piston aircraft. This lasts approximately 2 hours. Note that navigation and communications may pose a challenge if you are unfamiliar with the area. If you speak English as a second language, you will likely be required to have your English skills assessed to make sure you meet the ICAO minimum standard of Level 4 (on a scale of 1 to 6).

You can work on EASA theory at Epic Flight Academy. We have partnered with CAT Aviation in the UK. You can earn your FAA license here and then convert to EASA. You must have completed 10 of the 14 theoretical exams to convert.

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