How long does it take to earn an Associates degree?

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Depending on your availability for classes, the Associate’s degree at Daytona State College should take no longer than two years at the most, less if you have more time to devote to it. Most of the classes are available online, which makes it more convenient (no need to travel to class!), and many of the classes last only 8 weeks. This means that in one semester you could take two 8-week classes during the A semester and two 8-week classes during the B semester for a total of 4 classes (12 credit hours). An A.S. degree requires 60 credit hours. Your flight training at Epic will transfer in at 23 or 27 credit hours. Therefore, you only need to take 37 or 33 credit hours at Daytona State College. Therefore, you could comfortably complete your A.S. degree in one year while taking flight training as long as you are focused and committed. This customized program allows you to become a commercial pilot and earn an A.S. degree at the same time!

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