Can I train one-on-one at my own pace?

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Yes, although it is more cost efficient to train within a class setting, you can take flight instruction at your own pace working one-on-one with your flight instructor.

Epic Flight Academy One-on-One Instruction
Epic Flight Academy students can choose one-on-one instruction for self-paced flight training.

We understand that some students’ schedules do not permit full-time flight training; however, they still want to attend Epic Flight Academy. If Epic has the availability, you may enroll as a self-paced student. Self-paced students must be available a minimum of 4 times per week and understand that tuition cost will vary widely depending on individual study habits and frequency of flight activity. Therefore, Epic cannot provide a specific price quote. Student must reference FAA minimum requires for the individual course they are enrolling into and put a deposit on their flight account to proceed.

See table below for individual costs:

Simulator – Tru Flite Cessna 172 Dual w/ Instructor$130.00
Flight – G-1000 Cessna 172 Dual w/ Instructor$230.00
Solo Flight – G-1000 Cessna 172$159.75
One-on-One Ground Instruction$85.00
Pre/Post-Activity Briefing$85.00
FAA Written Exam & FAA Check-ride$750
Flight SimulatorPiper PA-44 Dual w/ Instructor$130.00
Flight – Piper PA-34 Dual w/ Instructor$355.00
Flight – Piper PA-44 Dual w/ Instructor$355.00
Flight – Piper PA-28 Dual w/Instructor$255.00
Flight – Piper PA-28 Solo$159.75
Time Building Flight – Cessna 172 Dual w/ Partner$79.88
One-on-One Ground + Pre/Post-Activity Briefing$85.00
One-On-One Ground Instruction EASA ATPL Theory$85.00
Pilot-In-Command Flight Experience$79.88

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