Are pilot uniforms required at Epic Flight Academy?

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Dress for Success: Epic’s Flight Uniform Requirements for Students

Yes, Epic’s dress code does require that students wear a flight uniform to maintain a professional atmosphere. Your flight uniform, which will make a good first impression, consists of a white shirt, black pants, black belt, black tie, and black shoes. This applies to both male and female flight students. As you earn your stripes with each level of training, you will add appropriate epaulets to your shoulders as seen in the photo here. Your instructor presents new epaulets to you when you pass your checkride. We do have new pilot shirts for sale in our gift shop as well as epaulets if you need to keep additional ones on hand.

Neat & Professional: Importance of Clean and Appropriate Flight Attire

Clothing should be neat and clean. A hat is not required, although commercial and corporate pilots wear a hat as part of their pilot uniform. This is true for men and women.

Conveying Confidence: Impact of Professional Appearance in Aviation

Your attire and appearance speak volumes about you. Whether you’re a captain flying for Delta, United,  or American Airlines or a private pilot student, you should dress professionally. Passengers often associate pilot uniforms with the military. For example, the crisp, professional cut of a Navy or Air Force uniform conveys confidence and professionalism. Do what you must to look your best!

Epic flight students in uniform
Epic Flight Academy students look sharp in their professional attire.

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