Airline Transition Success Program

SimulatorFast forward to the end of your training…You’ve completed the required training, you’ve built flight time to meet the airline regulations, and now you’ve finally been scheduled for your first pilot interview. How will you ensure you are fully prepared to demonstrate your knowledge and earn that spot?

While becoming an experienced airline crew member involves a wealth of knowledge gained over many years, airline pilot applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are qualified to successfully operate in a turbine aircraft flight deck with two crew members. Epic Flight Academy’s unique Airline Transition Success Program offers students the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence needed for their first airline interview, creating a solid foundation for their career.

Program Requirements:

Students must possess a minimum of a pilot certificate with the following:

  • Commercial Privileges
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Instrument Rating

Course Duration:

Ground Instruction – 32 Hours
Fixed-based Simulator (ATR 42-300) – 6 Hours
Full Flight Simulation (ATR 42-300) – 4 Hours


  • Building a Successful Resume
  • Introduction to FAR (relating to airline operations)
  • Multi-crew concepts (special emphasis on CRM)
  • Introduction to Transport Category Aircraft – Systems
  • Manuals usage – FCOM, QRH and checklists
  • General Subjects – W&B, performance and limitations
  • Alerting and warning systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Landing gear, brakes and flight controls
  • Ice and Rain Protection
  • Fire Protection and extinguishing
  • Navigation and Automation
  • Introduction to Transport Category Aircraft – Full Flight Simulation
  • Checklist usage
  • Taxi procedures (emphasis on runway incursion awareness and situational awareness)
  • Before takeoff procedures and appropriate briefings
  • Takeoff procedures including engine flameout
  • Enroute procedures including system abnormalities
  • Arrival procedures and appropriate briefings
  • Approach procedures
  • Landing, missed approach and go-around procedures
  • After landing procedures
  • Parking and securing procedures

Program Tuition: $4900

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