Veronika Osgood - Staff

Veronika Osgood
Position: Flight Instructor
Joined: April 2024

Veronika Osgood was born in Ufa, Russia and grew up in Massachusetts with her parents and loving dog. She always dreamed of flying from watching movies like How to Train Your Dragon and Porco Rosso. She found her way to studying Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle and acquired her private pilot’s license there. She continued her flight education at Epic Flight Academy where she was trained to become the instructor she is today. When she is not flying you can find her at a coffee shop sharpening her knowledge. But don’t worry, she still finds time to lounge at the beach or go rock climbing. She wants all her students to know one thing: “An instructor is only the catalyst to learning. It is what that student does that creates a great pilot.” She is so excited to share the wonder of aviation with her students.

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