Richard Dietrich - Staff

Richard Dietrich.
Position: Ground Support
Joined: August 2022

Richy is a native of New Smyrna Beach. He grew up here, so you know he loves the ocean and beach. He also enjoys playing basketball, video games, surfing, and shooting his guns. While he was going to high school he was in the Boy Scouts. Richy, alongside his family and friends, did countless service projects and fundraisers for local churches, schools, parks, and community centers. He led his troop and eventually became an Eagle Scout.

After high school he knew he wanted to join the Armed Forces. The Navy seemed like the only way to go for him given his love for the sea. Not really having a very good idea what he wanted to do with his life at this time, this turned out to be a very good choice. He signed up August 16, 2017. During his time in the Navy, he worked with HSC-4 in San Diego on MH-60S helicopters as a troubleshooter and electrician. It took him a while to get acclimated to the lifestyle, but this is where he found his passion for aviation. It seemed like everyday something new would break on these aircraft, but that didn’t bother him. He enjoyed going through the puzzle aspect of troubleshooting. Looking through the publications, reading the schematics, or even trying to understand a whole new system he’s never touched. The Navy was good to him, taking him on a deployment and many other detachments to southeast Asia and all over the Pacific, events he probably would have never been able to experience without the Navy.

When it came time to move on from the military, he came back to New Smyrna Beach where he found Epic’s FAA Part 147 school. This was perfect for him. He’s been enrolled for a while pursuing his A&P certificate. Someday he will be back overseas working with military aircraft as a contractor.

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