Morgan Sebald - Staff

Morgan Sebald.
Position: Scheduler
Joined: February 2024

Morgan Sebald was a born and raised in Ohio before she traded the cold for the sunshine state at the end of 2022. She attended Ohio University for music education. Morgan spent 3 years teaching marching band at a local high school and running the after-school program at a neighboring preschool. Since moving to Florida, Morgan has followed different career paths, most recently working as a head baker at a gourmet cookie shop! Despite growing up in the birthplace of aviation (Dayton, Ohio), Morgan has not had much experience around airplanes up until this point, but she is very excited to learn!

In her free time, you can find Morgan wedding planning, reading in her home library, or eating tacos at her favorite Mexican restaurant. Morgan and her fiancé have 2 cats, and she is always willing to share pictures of them with anyone who asks!

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