Michael Azarian - Staff

Position: Aircraft Mechanic
Joined: September 2022

Michael Azarian is one of Epic’s A&P technicians. Michael is a graduate of the first class of Epic Flight Academy’s Aircraft Mechanic program. He received his A&P certification in 2022 and is beginning his A&P Technician career here at Epic. Michael is originally from Massachusetts and moved to New Smyrna Beach to attend private pilot training at Epic. When the Aircraft Mechanics Program was initiated, he enrolled in its first class and was the first Epic student in the program to earn his FAA Certification. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and developing skills and knowledge in different maintenance and manufacturing positions. With increased demand for these skills in the airline industry, joining Epic’s maintenance staff allows Michael to practice and expand his skills at Epic in New Smyrna Beach. When he’s not at Epic, Michael enjoys fishing, hunting, and sailing, as well as many other outdoor activities.

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