Marvin Loopstra - Staff

Marvin Loopstra.
Position: Instructor - New Smyrna Beach
Joined: March 2024

Marv became interested in aviation at an early age. While attending high school in the LA area he found his calling as a mechanic working on cars. With his early interest in aviation, he enrolled in Northrop Institute of Technology, Inglewood, California, and obtained his A&P in 1972. Marv started off working for a few small FBOs as a mechanic, then moved on to Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) at SFO. After PSA, he transitioned to manufacturing with Ted Smith Aerostar (later purchased by Piper Aircraft) making aircraft sub assemblies and eventually belonging to a crew building the first pressurized Aerostar. He has  experience in light aircraft maintenance in Part 145 repair stations. His positions ranged from floor mechanic to crew chief, shop foreman, inspector (with IA), and Director of Maintenance for a corporate flight department operating corporate turbine aircraft out of Monterey, California. He developed the maintenance sections of various FAR Part 135 charter operations manuals. Marv has extensive experience in return to service requirements and, as Director of Maintenance, worked with the FAA to gain FAR Part 145 certification for his corporate maintenance department. Missing the sights, sounds, and smells of the hangar he returns to aviation after retiring from wrench turning and has enjoyed deep sea fishing, fly fishing, and making split cane bamboo fly rods. He also holds a General license as a HAM radio operator.

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