Kendal Koblik - Staff

Kendal Koblik
Position: Flight Instructor - New Smyrna Beach
Joined: April 2024

Kendal was born and raised in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Growing up, she got to see all types of aviation in the area: the Goodyear balloon when there was a race at Daytona, the shuttle launches that she could see from her house, and some general aviation from a nearby airport. It wasn’t until high school when she watched a YouTube video about an airline pilot that sparked her interest in aviation. As soon as she graduated, she started working towards her private pilot license at Epic Flight Academy and never looked back since. She has done all of her training at Epic and is now a CFI/CFII. She is very excited to be an instructor as it will bring new experiences and opportunities. Outside of flying, she is always up for an adventure. She loves rock climbing, surfing, and traveling.

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