Greta MacMillan - Staff

Greta MacMillan
Position: Dispatcher
Joined: May 2024

Greta MacMillan is from Krum, Texas, a small town north of Dallas. She lived there until 2021 when she moved to Daytona Beach to pursue a degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She graduated from Embry-Riddle in May 2024. Greta was interested in aviation from a young age but never thought she could be a pilot. This all changed in 2020 when Greta took her first discovery flight. From that day on, she was hooked. She started ground school for her Private Pilot’s License shortly after. She now holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate. Greta is excited to start her post-college journey at Epic Flight Academy. Outside of work, Greta’s hobbies include traveling, gardening, running, hiking, and aquarium keeping.

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