Craig Wiggen - Staff

Craig Wiggen
Position: Flight Instructor
Joined: January 2018

Craig Wiggen was born and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. He married a Florida-born woman who didn’t care for the snow. She talked him into moving south, and he got a job building sport yachts. They raised 3 children while Craig earned his private and instrument ratings in Wisconsin. Then on weeknights and weekends he picked up the commercial and flight instructor certificates. Working freelance for years out of Flagler gave Craig the opportunity to fly many different aircraft and meet great fellow aviators who are now close friends. He was invited to work at Embry-Riddle as a check airman and in-house examiner.  He did some Part 135 training for an air taxi service and feels lucky  to have ended up here at Epic.  He could not be happier with the quality of the aircraft and the people who work here. Craig’s hobbies include tinkering with the boat or going out flyfishing in the boat or canoe.

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