Bryan Cintron Nieves - Staff

Bryan Cintron Nieves
Position: Flight Instructor
Joined: December 2023

Meet Bryan David Cintron Nieves. He is a 23-year-old bursting with positive energy, enthusiasm, and social charm ready to take to the skies. He earned his private pilot license in Puerto Rico but decided to come to New Smyrna Beach in November 2022 to complete the rest of his training. Bryan never imagined himself as a pilot. The army seemed like his natural path because of his father’s military background, but he took a leap of faith into the skies and now he doesn’t want to touch the ground ever again. Becoming the first generation pilot wasn’t just a career choice, it became his passion, an experience he cherishes above all. He’s on a mission to inspire others to join him in painting the skies with their dreams.

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