Adam Haiboub - Staff

Adam Haiboub
Position: Flight Instructor
Joined: September 2023

Adam was born and raised in New City where he lived for most of his life in Queens, New York. He also resided in Long Island for a brief period, but his heart always led him back to the bustling streets of New York City.

Sports have played a central role in his life. He has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember, and he has recently taken up volleyball.

During his childhood, Adam was fortunate enough to travel to his parents’ home country and spend vacations there. One summer, when he was around 10 years old, he was allowed to spend some time in the cockpit, and as soon as he stepped in, he was instantly captivated and knew that’s what he wanted to do.

Adam’s ultimate goal is to become the captain of an Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. He knows that reaching this goal will be tough, but he is determined to see it through.

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