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Hello Cihan,

Here are the answers to your questions:
1) What type of visa do you provide for your international students? M1 or F1?
– We help students get an M1 visa.

2) Do you offer CFI job to your students who successfully graduate from your ATPL program? I wish to have only FAA license and live & work in USA. But I know I need PIC hours to apply as FO to any airlines. So here this CFI Job comes helpful.
– If you have a working permit to work in the United States, yes, we can offer you CFI training and job opportunity for the flight instructors. At the moment, we can only offer these to our domestic students (American citizens).

3) Can my wife come with me to USA? How can we sort out accommodation thing if she is with me?
– Although, we have reserved housings for our students which you can check here:… Space will be quite small if you bring in your wife. We recommend that you find nearby housing

4) Is your price updated on your website for Airline Pilot Program for International Students?
– Yes, it is. In fact, here’s the full cost breakdown:

For more information about our Airline Pilot Program for international students, please visit here:

Thank you for using our forum!

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