Would you like to earn an Associate’s degree through Polk State College through Epic’s Aircraft Mechanic Program?

Epic and Polk State College Program
Q: What can you do with your FAA A&P Certificate?
A. Start a high-paying job as an aircraft mechanic.
B. Transfer as college credit toward a degree at Polk State College.
C. Frame and hang on your wall.
D. All of the above!

Earn your AS degree in Aviation Maintenance Administration

Epic Flight Academy and Polk State College have signed an articulation agreement. This allows graduates from Epic Flight Academy’s Aircraft Mechanic Program to transfer their Epic training as 30 college credits. Students then take 30 credit hours of coursework at PSC to earn their Aviation Maintenance Administration degree.

What are the requirements to be eligible for this Polk State College Program?

To be eligible for articulated credit, the student must have:

  • Graduated from Epic’s FAA-approved Part 147 program
  • Obtained both the Airframe and Powerplant ratings

This will articulate as Course Number: AMT9999 and Course Name: Aviation Maintenance Technician Certificate. To obtain articulated credit, the student must present the following documents to the Aerospace Program Director:

  • Part 147 graduation certificate signed by authorized Epic Flight Academy personnel
  • Temporary or permanent FAA AMT certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings

Can I begin my studies at Polk State College prior to completing my AMT?

Yes, you can begin the Polk State College Aviation Maintenance Administration degree program prior to earning your FAA AMT certification. However, you cannot graduate from the program until PSC obtains your certification and the credit is applied to your college transcript. Furthermore, you also have the option to earn you AMT certificate first and then begin college course. The choice is yours!

What classes will I take in this program?

This program requires you to take 18 credit hours of college level general education courses. Additionally, you will take 12 credit hours of Aerospace core courses for this degree. This totals 30 credit hours. In other words, combined with the 30 hours you receive for your A&P training, you will have the required 60 hours for your degree.

What are the next steps for me to pursue this?

Simply see if you’re eligible for Epic’s Aircraft Mechanic Program. New classes start 3 times a year.

Check Aircraft Mechanic Training Eligibility!


Learn more about our Aircraft Mechanic Program. Contact us! Most importantly, we are here to help!

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