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Graduate Testimonials

Mayur Panday Air Arabia

Thanks to the training I received at Epic Flight Academy, I'm now flying with Air Arabia!

Mayur Panday
Captain, TRI with Air Arabia

Jiyoung Park VietJet Air

I was really satisfied with the curriculum, facilities, aircraft, and staff at Epic!

Jiyoung Park
First Officer with VietJet Air

Noah Bailey flyExclusive

Work hard and study because it will pay off very quickly at Epic Flight Academy.

Noah Bailey
First Officer with flyExclusive

Alexandre Gallo Latam Brasil

Perfect location, nice instructors, reliable airplanes, and very good structure.

Alexandre Gallo
First Officer with Latam Brasil

Marco Martins Brito Republic Airways

Safety is a top priority at Epic Flight Academy!

Marco Martins Brito
First Officer with Republic Airways

Ahmed Refay Emirates Airline

I recommend Epic Flight Academy to all aspiring pilots. Your journey will be as good as your first step starting it.

Ahmed Refay
First Officer with Emirates Airline

Zakaria Gamal Egyptair

Thanks to everyone who supported me along the way. Thanks to my flight school, Epic Flight Academy.

Zakaria Gamal
First Officer with Egyptair

Zachary Zois Delta Air Lines

Hard work will pay off in the end so stay committed and enjoy your training!

Zachary Zois
First Officer with Delta Air Lines

Tzu-Cheng Kuo

Epic Flight Academy was a nice place to learn and study while pursuing my aviation career.

Tzu-Cheng Kuo
NAFI Master Instructor

Imad Hammoud

The experience was very personalized, and everyone at Epic Flight Academy cared to see us succeed!

Imad Hammoud
Corporate Pilot

Abdullah Aldaoom Iraqi Airways

Friendly and talented instructors! Captain Judy provided excellent theoretical training.

Abdullah Aldaoom
First Officer with Iraqi Airways

Shawn Cross Pacific Coast Jet

My pilot skills were greatly improved while completing my training at Epic Flight Academy.

Shawn Cross
First Officer with Pacific Coast Jet

John Tilesio Air Cargo Carriers

Top notch school! Enjoyed my training and friendships that will follow throughout my career as a pilot.

John Tilesio
First Officer with Air Cargo Carriers

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  • Begin Training Tomorrow With Our Virtual Flight Academy Course
  • Innovative Training Reduces Costs and Saves Time
  • Full-Motion Simulators and New Aircraft Fleet
  • High First-Time Pass Rate
  • Recipient of Cessna's Flight Training Excellence Award
  • FAA Training to ATPL
  • Training Locations Based on Consistently Good Weather
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