Student Referral Program

Epic Student Pilots

Any Epic Flight Academy employee, alumnus, or student referring a new student to the Aircraft Mechanic Program will receive compensation of $1,000.

In all cases, the incoming student has to indicate on the enrollment form the name of the person he or she was referred by. Or, when first speaking to a recruiter, they need to make the recruiter aware they are a referral. If a new student does not mention they have been referred by someone on their initial first contact with Epic, we cannot offer compensation. If a student has previously spoken with an Epic representative, that will not be considered a referral.


  • Epic Flight Academy will pay employees, graduates, or students referring a student to the Aircraft Mechanic Program after the referred student pays the initial $6,000 for the first semester and the drop date of 7 days has passed.
  • Referred students have to be enrolled in the full 19-month program and cannot be on any type of scholarship from Epic.

Remember, if you refer someone, please make sure they tell their recruiter during their first meeting. Or, they should note the name of the person who referred them on Epic’s prequalification enrollment form. If you have any questions, contact an Epic Flight Academy Recruiter.

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