Epic Flight Academy Standardization Manuals

This manual is a compilation of standard flight training maneuvers and procedures for use in the Cessna 172S. It is designed to provide standardized procedures for each flight maneuver required in the FAA Practical Test Standards. 

The purpose of this manual is to help pilots understand how to fly a particular maneuver. The pitch attitudes and power settings are approximate and some changes may be required to get the expected performance from each specific aircraft. 

Pilots must use a combination of the Standardization Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, FAA flight training handbooks, Pilots Operating Handbook, and the FAA Practical Test Standards to help develop an understanding of each maneuver. 

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Revisions: Recommended changes to this document should be submitted to the Chief or Assistant Chief Instructor. It is strongly encouraged that flight instructors provide suggestions to improve the quality of this document as well as the training experience at Epic Flight Academy. Any recommendation must be submitted in writing, and should include a complete description of how the item should be changed. 

References : Aeronautical Information Manual; Federal Aviation Regulations; FAA-H-8023-25A Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge; FAA-H-8083-9A Aviation Instructor’s Handbook; FAA-H-8083-15A Instrument Flying Handbook; FAA-S-8081-14A Private Pilot PTS; FAA-S-8081-12B Commercial Pilot PTS; FAA-S-8081-6CS Flight Instructor PTS; FAA-S-8081-9B Flight Instructor Instrument PTS.


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Private Pilot (SE Commercial) Standardization Manual


Instrument Standardization Manual


PA-44-180 Standardization



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