Epic Takes Delivery of New Cessna Skyhawk 172S Nav III

New Cessna Skyhawk Feb 22
New Cessna Skyhawk 172S Nav III arriving directly from the factory


FEBRUARY 4, 2022

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New Smyrna Beach, FL – Epic Flight Academy has taken delivery of another brand new aircraft direct from the Cessna/Textron production facility in Independence, Kansas. The new aircraft is a Skyhawk 172S Nav III and will be used for flight training. Before officially joining the fleet, Epic’s maintenance department will paint the tail bright red, a distinctive feature of Epic’s planes. Epic boasts an unblemished safety record. This is partially due to the fact that Epic purchases all training aircraft brand new. Local residents can spot Epic planes easily, because they are painted with bright red tails for safety. If the tail is not red, it’s not an Epic aircraft.

Tail number N321EP
Tail numbers are unique to every airplane. The tail of Epic’s last plane, N321EP, was painted red before it could be added to the training fleet. The newest plane, N322EP, will soon sport a red tail.

“Our students consistently comment on the ease of learning to fly in new aircraft with glass cockpits that allow them to transition with ease to the airlines,” said Epic COO Josh Rawlins. “This new plane will go first to our maintenance hangar for the tail to be painted red. The red tails are easier for all pilots to see during flight, so this is the first thing we do before the plane is added to the training fleet.”

Epic Flight Academy has been training airline pilots since 1999, and its most popular aircraft is the Cessna Skyhawk, which is highly rated for safety.

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