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May 27, 2005

Fractional Aircraft Ownership Available at Epic

Cessna Caravan Fractional Ownership
The Cessna Caravan is the most popular aircraft for fractional ownership.

New Smyrna Beach, FL – For those who have ever dreamed of owning their own aircraft for business or personal use or needed to be in another city within hours, Epic now offers a solution in fractional aircraft ownership. Owning an aircraft, or sharing ownership, is an option for managing business and personal life more efficiently. It may be more affordable than most people realize. If employees travel on a regular basis, aircraft ownership may save you time and money.

Epic is looking for executives to share the cost of owning an aircraft. The cost of owning, operating, and maintaining an executive aircraft can be very costly, and in many cases, overwhelming for a single company or individual to own. But, if those costs were shared with other companies who have similar travel habits, businesses would only be responsible for a fraction of the operating costs.

The Cessna Caravan is the most popular plane for fractional aircraft ownership, which is becoming very popular for executives across the country. As a fractional owner, businesses receive all the benefits of owning an aircraft. The Caravan can fly out of smaller airports closer to home or office. With more than 5,000 airports in the United States, this gives businesses many time saving options. With fractional ownership, there is no waiting in line to check-in or to board the aircraft. At most airports passengers can drive the car right to the aircraft. There is never an issue of making a connecting flight. And if passengers are running late, the pilot will wait.

Fractional ownership does not imply you will be given a fraction of the benefits. Epic Aviation Aircraft Management will see to it that you and your guests are given the service of a full owner. Your guests will not even know that you only pay a fraction of the costs, unless you decide to brag to them yourself.

Epic Aviation Aircraft Management will take care of every travel detail. We will arrange rental cars, limousines, and hotel reservations.

“Epic Aviation Aircraft Management is able to sell time,” said Danny Perna, CEO. “Time to attend a morning meeting in Miami and still make it home for dinner. Time to take your family on a weekend getaway to the islands. Time to manage your business and your life.”

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