Epic and FEAM Maintenance/Engineering Announce Partnership

Epic and FEAM Aero


JANUARY 26, 2022

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Epic Flight Academy is proud to announce its partnership with FEAM Maintenance / Engineering. Together, they are offering an aircraft mechanic program that provides a direct pathway to employment and tuition assistance. The program launches in February 2022 and is the first of its kind to offer financial assistance while in training.

The program is designed to help support students financially and provide a path to a successful aviation career. Students who enroll into the program will be provided tuition assistance while in school. FEAM is the MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) leader in the United States and Europe with 30 years in business and more than 1,000 employees at 37 locations. They offer advanced aircraft repair capabilities, a wide line station network, and vast approvals for all current and next-generation aircraft, including B787 and A350 aircraft. 

Students accepted into the program will first interview with FEAM and receive a conditional letter of hire. FEAM will provide tuition assistance. Students will also have the opportunity to work as an apprentice at the FEAM Miami location where they will get firsthand experience with Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Epic CEO Danny Perna said, “We are extremely excited about this partnership with FEAM. They have been supporting airline cargo companies for 30 years and offer multiple locations for students to choose from. Our aircraft mechanic students will receive tremendous support in this program. FEAM provides experience on a wide range of heavy aircraft. This type of experience opens so many doors faster because students are working on such wide range of aircraft at an early stage.”

Students accepted into the Epic-FEAM Program will be provided $7,500 in financial assistance the first year and an additional $7,500 the second year and have the opportunity to work with FEAM for 3 years and longer if desired.

Aircraft mechanic classes start at Epic three times per year. The program runs for 24 months. Students need to apply a minimum of one month in advance to secure their spot. They will be interviewed by both Epic and FEAM prior to being accepted. FEAM emphasizes the importance of time spent working in one of their facilities, which allows students to gain real world experience and knowledge to help them excel.

FEAM COO Dan Allawat said, “We are excited to work with Epic Flight Academy. They demonstrate the high level of professionalism and quality of training FEAM is looking for. Our growth plan to support the field of aviation requires hundreds of highly skilled mechanics. The program we are offering through Epic will allow aspiring mechanics to enter the aviation field and help the industry grow.”                                                                     

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