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Please note that currently the GI Bill is not supporting flight training.

Provided you have a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA, you may enroll on any day our flight school is in session. Veterans, service members, reservists, or transfer of entitlement beneficiaries may be enrolled in only one flight course at a time, with the exception for Commercial and Instrument courses, which must be taken simultaneously. Students must possess the appropriate ratings and/or certificates and must meet the medical requirements for pilot certification at the time training begins. A veteran must be in pursuit of a career goal in aviation, such as commercial airline pilot. The VA does not pay flight training costs for ancillary or recreational training.

As a side note, you may enroll at anytime without a Certificate of Eligibility; however, you will be responsible for payment of all tuition and fees.  If at some point during the training you receive your Certificate of Eligibility, we will bill the VA for costs up to one year in retroactive training costs.

Epic Flight Academy GI Bill Veterans
Epic Flight Academy is approved by the VA to provide FAA flight training to veterans using their GI Bill benefits.

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