What is the advantage of attending flight training at Epic Flight Academy?

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This is our favorite question to answer! Epic has created Professional Pilot Training Programs that allow you to complete your training in a timely and affordable manner with top-notch flight instructors and a large fleet maintained to the highest safety standards. This program is start to finish. You will graduate with your commercial single and multi-engine instrument pilot’s license. Epic also provides at a separate cost: housing (for international students – domestic students can find housing nearby), transportation, books, FAA medical, FAA written exams, FAA checkrides, charts, knee boards, aviation headsets, and more. Our programs are designed for the aspiring professional pilot, and our goal is to ensure that you excel and graduate so that you can get on with your career! To that end, we have relationships with numerous regional airlines to help you make connections and take your career to the next level.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our students’ reviews of Epic describe the advantages of attending our flight school, and we are proud of what they have to say!

Advantages of Epic Flight Academy
Thumbs up, Epic! There are many advantages of attending Epic Flight Academy, from excellent instructors to new aircraft to our relationships with airlines, but we think the best reason is what our students have to say about us!


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