How do I qualify for an M-1 student visa?

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To qualify for an M-1 vocational student visa, you first must have been accepted at a school that has received advance approval from the U.S. government, such as Epic Flight Academy. You must be coming to the U.S. as an enrolled student pursuing a full course of study. That means you must attend at least 18 hours per week, if the courses consist mostly of classroom study; or, if the courses consist mostly of laboratory work, 22 hours per week. Your intended school program must lead to a vocational objective, such as a flight certificate.

You must also already be accepted by the school of your choice and have enough money to study full-time without working. The U.S. consulate deciding on your visa will ask you to prove that you have enough cash on hand to cover all your expenses for up to a year.

You must be able to speak, read, understand, and write English well enough to succeed in the course work. The consular officer who interviews you for the visa will be informally testing your English ability. Epic provides English support if needed; however, it is expected that you have ICAO Level 3 English to enroll here.

Finally, in addition to proving that you have the necessary background and financial capability to pursue your studies, you must prove that you intend to return to your home country when your program is over. If your goal is to take up permanent residence in the U.S. when your visa runs out, you are not legally eligible for an M-1 Visa.


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