FAQ » » How long does it take to complete an individual pilot license?

Every student learns differently and at different rates. However, based on our experiences, we can provide averages that can help guide you. The following times are averages for our student pilots. They are based on full-time students conducting 5 training activities per week.

  • Private Pilot: 3 months
  • Instrument Pilot: 2 months
  • Single-Engine Commercial: 1.5 months
  • Multi-Engine Commercial: 1.5 months


Note: Students who are enrolling into both Single-Engine and Multi-Engine should plan to complete both courses in 2 months

  • Initial Flight Instructor: 3 months
  • Flight Instructor Instrument: 1 month
  • Flight Instructor Multi-Engine: 1 Month


At the completion of Flight Instructor Instrument, students may work for Epic as a paid Flight Instructor to build flight time to 1500 hours (must be able to legally work in United States).


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