How do I create and manage my Alien Flight Student Program account?

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To access the AFSP website, you must have a valid UserID and password. To receive a UserID and password, flight school candidates should go to the AFSP site and click on the Candidate “New Account” link near the top of the login page.  From there, you will be sent to a page where you will enter the requested information to create a new account.

When creating a new account, you must write the English version of your name. AFSP will not accept special characters (e.g., ‘,-,`) in the name fields. AFSP suggests using the machine readable zone at the bottom of most passports. Once the account is created, you will receive two emails from AFSP – one with your UserID and another with a temporary password.

Students must create their own AFSP accounts, through which they submit Category 1-3 flight training requests and/or select Flight Training Providers to submit Category 4 training requests on their behalf. Each Candidate may only create one account and may not share the account with other Candidates. Providers and employees may not submit a training request for Candidates in categories 1-3.  Failure to follow these account procedures will result in a delay of your training request.

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