Are there any costs that are not reimbursable by the VA?

FAQ » » Are there any costs that are not reimbursable by the VA?

Please note that currently the GI Bill is not supporting flight training.

There are additional costs (approximate) that you would be responsible for paying, which include:

  1. Books and Supplies $500.00
  2. FAA written exam – $150.00
  3. Designated examiner fee – $700
  4. Scheduling and FAA records tracking – $45 per month

Although the costs outlined above cannot be paid to the school directly by the VA, you may be eligible for reimbursement for the cost of obtaining your licenses and/or certifications by applying directly to the VA.

Note:  Pre-flight briefings and post-flight critiques (pre/post) must be conducted in conjunction with an actual flight that is reimbursable  for VA education benefits in order to be certified for reimbursement by the VA.  Pre/post is not to be confused with ground school, which is formal class training to prepare students to take the FAA written exam for that course.

You will be responsible for paying any cost not approved by the VA. We encourage you to reach out to your VA representative for more information.

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