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Student Referral Program Pilot Airplane

Student Referral Program

Earn up to $1,000 in credits* through our Student Referral program for each person that you refer. Help us show aspiring aviators the quality of training offered at Epic while getting some free flight training! In order to continue providing students from around the world with top-notch pilot training, we need your support! Follow the steps below to earn your free flight training credits:

STEP 1: Share your wonderful experiences here at Epic Flight Academy with friends and family and determine if they are interested in an airline pilot career

STEP 2: Promptly email your Admissions Representative the following information:
– Potential Student’s Full Name
– Potential Student’s Phone Number
– Potential Student’s Email Address
– Potential Student’s Home Country

STEP 3: Once the potential student arrives at Epic and pays their first installment, fill out the Student Referral Program form to receive your free training credits.

*Current Epic students are eligible for up to $1000 in credits. Epic graduates may earn up to $500.

If you have any questions, please ask an Epic Flight Academy Admissions Representative!

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