Epic Flight Academy to Attend IFTE 2014 – Istanbul Flight Training Exhibition

World-Renowned Flight School Set to Host Booth B-18 At Global Pilot School Event, IFTE in Istanbul, Turkey, Oct 17-18th

IFTE 2014

 Epic Flight School Hosts Booth# B-18 at IFTE 2014-  Istanbul Flight Training Exhibition 2014 Aviation Event

Epic Flight Academy, a 15 year veteran international flight school that specializes in training foreign student pilots from all across the globe, has announced confirmation of attendance to the Istanbul Flight Training Exhibition event, set to host event booth B-18.

The exclusive IFTE event for 2014 is being held at the WOW Istanbul Convention Center Oct. 17th-18th. This aviation event is set to host over 120+ different types of aviation related businesses, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, flight simulator companies, flight training schools, FTO/TRTO’s, MRO’s, aircraft part suppliers, aviation technology companies, flight equipment retailers, aviation brokers, related associations and organizations, aviation press and media, along with many other aviation related businesses, organizations, lobbyists, and spokespeople.

The IFTE was set up to further assist with connecting aviation professionals, aviators and aspiring aviators, flight schools, aviation businesses, and related organizations all for the benefit to the entire industry. In a world where aviation and aeronautics are playing an increasing role in transportation of people and goods, the scale of networking and connections achieved at these types of aviation events all help to contribute to the overall advancement and development of the entire industry.

A flight school admission specialist for Epic Flight Academy stated, “When we found out about the IFTE event we instantly started putting the wheels in motion for securing a booth for our international flight school. As our flight school and pilot training programs are geared towards training people from all across the globe, we knew it would be a great opportunity to continue our networking with aviation related businesses in that part of the world.”

About Epic Flight Academy:

Epic Flight Academy is an award winning international flight school that has been training pilots since 1999. Epic Flight Academy trains domestic and foreign student pilots with efficient and effective pilot license training courses, while adhering to the highest general aviation and safety standards. Offering – FAA, EASA, DGCA and CAAV approved courses, FAA approved part 141 and 61 pilot school courses, Commercial Airline Skills Development courses, over 30 FAA certified flight instructors on staff, 40+ next generation aircraft, and an impeccable first class safety record.

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