Colombia Pilot Career Seminar

International Flight School Set to Host Pilot Training Career Seminar in Colombia

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a professional and registered certified commercial airline pilot? Our flight school can get you there!

How to Become a Pilot:

If so, you should know that becoming a commercial pilot is one of the most exhilarating jobs anyone could ever have, period. There is no other feeling in the world than taking off at over 100 MPH at the helm of a gigantic jumbo jet. Speeding down the runway, lifting off, pulling up, and flying into the clouds is now how you earn a paycheck. Why? Because you took the time to visit one of Epic Flight Academy’s free flight school pilot career seminars, you were impressed, you made the ultimate decision to become a professional commercial airline pilot, and immediately enrolled in flight school directly at the seminar.


Pilot Careers

As with most jobs, there are people being hired, fired, laid off, or leave for retirement, and the same holds true with the Commercial Airline Pilot job market. Fortunately for you aspiring pilots, the qualified airline pilot pool is usually fairly depleted, causing more demand for certified and qualified commercial airline pilots. As the FAA has increased the amount of flight time and flight experience a CPL pilot needs in order to get their ATPL, this has also been the cause for a negative decline in the amount of FAA certified pilots are available for a commercial airline pilot career. Unfortunately for regional and major airlines alike, this has caused some serious damage to some of these airlines as they do not have the qualified pilots available to fly commercially rated aircraft. Meaning, a CPL pilot used to be able to fly aircraft with “x” amount of seats, with the newer FAA regulations, some of these regional airlines had to either ground some of their aircraft our retro fit and modify them to FAA CPL passenger regulation specs.

So what does this mean for you? Basically, the professional airline pilot job market is in desperate need of certified FAA/EASA commercial airline pilots, and this is your opportunity to get started on your pilot career path.

So How Can You Find Out More Information on How to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot?

Due to the pilot shortage , Epic Flight Academy, a prestigious international flight school that specializes in training pilots from across the globe, has recently been holding informational flight training and pilot career seminars in countries all over the world to raise awareness about the many different exciting pilot career opportunities as well as to directly enroll new student pilots into their international flight school.


If you have always dreamed about becoming a pilot or if you are just now starting to gain interest in starting a career as a professional certified pilot, please RSVP as soon as possible as the seminars are free and seating is limited.

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